Document Upload

Upload (document only)

Example filename: 201903151242_shipment_1.0_12345_T103_filename.pdf

Using this method, only the document itself is needed but the filename must strictly follow the below described format, as the for the upload necessary metadata will be parsed from the filename.

Filename format: <creationDate>_<messageType>_<messageTypeVersion>_<reference>_<documentTypeCode>_<filename>.<fileExtension>

<creationDate>StringMCreation date and time
<messageType> StringMValid message types: clientTransportOrder, shipment
<messageTypeVersion>StringMWill be provided by our IT contact (default 1.0)
<reference> StringMReference used in the related message type (e.g. for shipment use trackingID). Needs to be aligned with IT contact.
<documentTypeCode> StringMSPOT 4-letter document code. (Document type code list)
<filename> StringMFilename of upload document, can be any filename chosen by customer.
<fileExtension> StringMFileextension. E.g.: .pdf

Upload (Document + metadata)

Example document name: hardcopyPOD_12345.pdf Example metadata name: hardcopyPOD_12345.xml

For the second method an additional metadata file is needed. This allows for the use of multiple and additional reference types. It is recommended to give the metadata file the same name as the document.

FTP folder: /in/transport/document


Both files (document and metadata) need to be provided in a 30 minute time window to each other. If this is not the case they will be discarded.


    "filename": "testdocument.pdf",
    "file": "...",
	"accountNumber" : "926989",
	"partyId" : "2496735",
	"messageType" : "shipment",
	"messageVersion": "1.0",
	"documentType" : "T103",
    "references": [{...}]
PropertyTypeEDI MandatoryAPI MandatoryDescription
filenameStringMMFilename of document
fileStringOBase 64 encoded file.
accountNumberStringCSPOT Address book account number
partyIdStringCSPOT Address book Party number
messageTypeStringMValid message types: clientTransportOrder, shipment
messageVersionStringMWill be provided by our IT contact (default 1.0)
documentTypeStringMMSPOT 4-letter document code. (Document type code list)
referencesArray[DocumentUploadReferences]MMArray of references used to find shipment.


"...": {
    "type": "TRACKING_ID",
    "value": "100149780",
    "key": "string"
typeStringMType of reference. Valid values: TRACKING_ID, MAWB, HAWB, MBL, HBL, JOBFILE_UWK_POSITION
valueStringMReference value.
keyStringOKey for referenceNumber assignment (For example EDI-Partner reference type).