2024 04 04

Release 2024-04-04

Version 1.02.2024


Receive transport documents

New functionality was introduced into standard > document download out of SPOT. Two methods are supported.

  • binary (PDF file)
  • metadata (base64 decoded file in json)

WMS status messages

New functionality has been introduced, where we can inform the customer about WMS statuses. The solution is based only on trigger message (further DB Data is not available at the moment in WMS databases. This can be used e.g to inform the customer that the dispatch order cannot be cancelled automatically any more. Following statuses are available.

  • Picking list created (KLCRT)
  • Picking started (KLSTR)
  • Picking confirmed (KLCON)
  • Loading confirmed (KLLOA)

Extend receipt aviso message

In the aviso message, there are fields that could be entered via EDI, but our standard has not allowed it. Now these fields will be added into standard.

  • sscc
  • blockReason
  • customsStatus
  • customsReference

Dispatch order texts

  • Descriptions for dispatch order texts (these were called comments in v1) were enhanced. Now it is more clear how to use those.


Fix broken links for transport sample data

Article details missing in sample files

  • Article details were missing in sample files. This was added.

Dispatch order does not contain LENGTH

  • In the dispatch order object, the Lengths were missing entirely.

Serial numbers were displaced in dispatch confirmation message

  • Serial numbers were misplaced in disp. confirmations.