Dispatch Order Cancellation

Cancel Dispatch Orders

messageType: logistics.dispatchOrderCancelation

Cancels Dispatch Order created before

  • Dispatch order can be cancelled while in status 10 (open with error), 20 (open).
  • Dispatch order cannot be cancelled once the picking started in the warehouse.
  • Optionally, a response can be sent towards customer with status > cancelled or not cancelled (due to some reason)

Filename format: <location>_<operative>_CDO_<YYYYMMDD>_<uniqueId>.<extensions>

Sample files


Sample files

messageHeaderMessageHeaderMMessage header information
dispatchOrderCancellationDispatchOrderCancelationMDispatch order


"...": {
"warehouse": {...},
        "customerReference1": "test_order",
        "status": "cancel"
warehouseWarehouseMWarehouse information
customerReference1stringMReference, all lines with the same reference are one dispatch order, Used to locate the Dispatch order in our system
statusstringMStatus of the message, cancel