Connection Guide
General Rules

General Rules

Standard Directories on CP Servers

list of directories SFTP folders:

ModeMessage TypePath
TransportClient Transport Order/in/transport/clientTransportOrders
Upload Documents/in/transport/documents
Receive Documents/out/transport/documents
EventUpdates in/in/transport/eventUpdates
EventUpdates out/out/transport/eventUpdates
Invoices out/out/invoicing/invoice
Customs In/in/customs
LogisticsDispatch Confirmation/out/logistics/dispatchConfirmations
Dispatch Order/in/logistics/dispatchOrders
Dispatch Order Cancelation/in/logistics/canceldispatchOrders
Inventory Reports/out/logistics/inventoryReports
receipt aviso/in/logistics/receiptAvisos
receipe confirmation/out/logistics/receiptConfirmations
receipe order/in/logistics/receiptOrders

Standard Endpoints

example standard Endpoints{messageType} (opens in a new tab)

Authentification method: basic AUTH

File-based transfer

File name restrictions

The following characters are not allowed in the name of files:

  • '< (less than)
  • '>' (greater than)
  • : (colon)
  • " (double quote)
  • / (forward slash)
  • \ (backslash)
  • | (vertical bar or pipe)
  • ? (question mark)
  • '*' (asterisk)

Best Practice

We recommend PUSH-PUSH communication setup.

Data shall be deleted once pulled from our folders.


For easier understanding and implementation there is a default message header in each file. We provide this header in XML/JSON to provide information about the file transfer itself.

"...": {
	"messageId": "244016",
	"messageDate": "2017-04-05",
	"messageTime": "13:08:59",
	"messageType": "transport.eventUpdate",
	"messageVersion": "1.0",
	"messageScope": "PROD"
messageIdStringMIdentifier for tracing in case of error/debugging.
messageDateStringMDate of message transfer in format YYYY-MM-DD as defined by ISO 8601.
messageTimeStringMUTC Time of message transfer in format hh:mm:ss as defined by ISO 8601.
messageTypeStringMUnique identifier to distinguish between different message types.
messageVersionStringMMessage version.
messageScopeStringMValid values: TEST, PROD