Dispatch Order

CREATE Dispatch Orders

messageType: logistics.dispatchOrder

Creates a dispatch order in our warehouse system.

Filename format: <location>_<operative>_DO_<YYYYMMDD>_<uniqueId>.<extensions>


Sample files

messageHeaderMessageHeaderMMessage header information
dispatchOrderDispatchOrderMDispatch order


"...": {
  "warehouse": {...},
  "customerReference1": "string",
  "customerReference2": "string",
  "orderReference": "string",
  "user": "string",
  "transactionType": "str",
  "shippingMode": "str",
  "serviceClass": "str",
  "deliveryTerm": {...},
  "priority": 999,
  "checkAtDelivery": true,
  "saturdayDelivery": true,
  "pickupLocationId": "string",
  "codValue": 0,
  "codCurrencyCode": "str",
  "insurance": {...},
  "customsParameters": {...},
  "addressValidationRequired": true,
  "orderDate": {...},
  "deliveryDate": {...},
  "receiver": {...},
  "forwarder": {...},
  "sender": {...},
  "positions": [{...}],
  "texts": [{...}],
  "additionalNotes": {...},
  "dispatchOptions": "string",
  "paymentOptions": {...},
  "oPOD": true
warehouseWarehouseMWarehouse information
customerReference135StringMReference, all lines with the same reference are one dispatch order
customerReference235StringOReference from customer
orderReference35StringOCustomer’s client order reference, if needed
transactionType3StringOPurpose of the order order (e.g. normal goods dispatch, production order). To be aligned with warehouse.
shippingMode3StringOShipping mode for parcel orders. Has to be aligned with respective warehouse.
serviceClass3StringMService code for parcel orders. Has to be aligned with respective warehouse.
deliveryTerm3DeliveryTermMDelivery Terms
priority3NumberOPriority code for dispatch orders. Has to be aligned with respective warehouse. Has to match with values defined in WMS!
checkAtDeliveryBooleanOFlag indicating that parcel needs to be opened by consignee. (true/false)
saturdayDeliveryBooleanOFlag indicating that parcel can be delivered on saturday. (true/false)
pickupLocationId7StringOId of pickup point location (e.g. parcel locker, pickup point, drop-off location).
codValueNumberOCash on delivery value
codCurrencyCode3StringOCash on delivery currency code. ISO 4217 three letter currency code.
insuranceInsuranceOInsurance details.
customsParametersCustomsParametersOCurrently supported for cross border process from US to Canada with provider Pitney Bowes.
addressValidationRequiredBooleanOIndicating that address must be validated by Google Address. (true/false)
orderDateOrderDateODate of order placement
deliveryDateDeliveryDateODate of desired delivery
receiverLogisticsPartyMReceiver of dispatched goods
forwarderLogisticsPartyOForwarder code defined in forwarder master database. Align with the warehouse.
senderLogisticsPartyOShipper of the goods.
positionsArray[DispatchOrderPosition]MPositions of dispatch orders
dispatchOptionsdispatchOptionsODispatch Options, f.e. refund
paymentOptionspaymentOptionsOPayment Options
oPODBooleanOProof of dispatch order, a confirmation of dispatch order receipt. (true/false)
"...": {
  " customsParameters": {
    "paperlessTrade": "Boolean",
    "invoiceNumber": "String",
    "invoiceDate": "String (YYYY-MM-DD)",
    "incoterm": "String",
    "declaredValue": "Number",
    "declaredCurrencyCode": "String",
    "customsLineItems": [{...}]
paperlessTradeBooleanOTRUE, if no physical document is required to be printed (and attached to package).
invoiceNumber25StringOInvoice Number for the shipment order.
invoiceDate10stringODate of the invoice. (YYYY-MM-DD)
incoterm3StringOIncoterm on Shipment Level.
declaredValueNumberOShipment Declared value
declaredCurrencyCode3StringOCurrency of Declared Value ISO.
customsLineItemsArrayOCustoms Line Items (Customs Line Item)
    "itemNumber": "String",
    "itemName": "String",
    "quantity": "Number",
    "unit": "String",
    "countryOfOriginCode": "String",
    "unitPrice": "Number",
    "currencyCode": "String",
    "netWeight": "Number",
    "grossWeight": "Number",
    "unitOfWeight": "String",
    "length": "Number",
    "height": "Number",
    "width": "Number",
    "unitOfDimension": "String",
    "shippingPurpose": "String",
    "url": "String",
    "hSTariffNumber": "String"
itemNumber20StringOItem number
itemName50StringOItem name
countryOfOriginCode2StringOCountry of origin code. 2-letter ISO
unitPriceNumberOValue / sales price of the article
currencyCode3StringOCurrency of Unit Price ISO.
netWeightNumberONet weight of the article
grossWeightNumberOGross weight of the article
unitOfWeight2StringOThe unit of measurement. Valid values: kg, lb.
unitOfDimension2StringOThe unit of measurement. Valid values: cm, in.
shippingPurpose20StringOCustoms Option / purpose of shipping.
url10StringOURL of the commodity.
hSTariffNumber10StringOHS-Tariff number / Commodity Code.
  "positions": [
      "clientPositionNumber": "String",
      "itemCode": "String",
      "itemCodeClient": "String",
      "quantity": "Number",
      "variableQuantity": "Number",
      "sscc": "String",
      "allocationNumber": "String",
      "batchNumber": "String",
      "blockReason": "String",
      "customsStatus": "String",
      "customsReference": "String",
      "additionalNotes": {...}
clientPositionNumberString5OClient position number
itemCodeObject20MItem number defined in item master database, no leading spaces.
itemCodeClientObject35OItem number provided by client, e.g. supplier item code.
quantityInteger10MQuantity in pieces (packing unit level 1).
variableQuantityBigDecimal10,4OVariable quantity
allocationNumberString35OAllocation number, if item is reserved for a project for example.
batchNumberString35OBatch number
blockReasonString3OReason for block QLT Quality check, GW Locked goods (damage).
customsStatusString1OCustoms status (0 = duty free 1 = custom goods).
customsReferenceString35OCustoms reference of item
"...": {
  "notes1": "string",
  "notes2": 10,
  "notes3": 20,
  "notes4": "string",
  "notes5": "string"
notes1String70The position of the comment on print outs (beginning or end of delivery note, picking list, etc).
notes2NumberNotes 2
notes3NumberNotes 3
notes4String70The position of the comment on print outs (beginning or end of delivery note, picking list, etc).
notes5String70The position of the comment on print outs (beginning or end of delivery note, picking list, etc).


        "text":"This will be printed at the beginning of position lines.",
        "text":"This will be printed in the HEADER.",
        "text":"This will be printed at the end of position lines.",
textType3StringMAllowed values: BGN, END, HEA. Shows the position of the comment on the Delivery Note and / or Picking List. Mandatory for texts that shall be printed out.
textPositionNumber32NumberText position number
text80StringCtext to be showed/printed
printOptionBooleanOIndicates whether the text shall be printed on delivery note and picking list
  "Additional Notes": {
    "notes1": "String",
    "notes2": "String",
    "notes3": "String",
    "notes4": "String",
    "notes5": "String",
    "notes6": 10,
    "notes7": 20
notes1String35Additional Note
notes2String35Additional Note
notes3String35Additional Note
notes4String35Additional Note
notes5String35Additional Note
notes6NumberAdditional Note
notes7NumberAdditional Note
  "dispatchOptions": {
    "additionalProp1": "String",
    "additionalProp2": "String",
    "additionalProp3": "String",
additionalProp1String35Additional dispatch order options
additionalProp2String35Additional dispatch order options
additionalProp3String35Additional dispatch order options
  "paymentOptions": {
    "shAccountNumber": "String",
    "dtZipCode": "String",
    "shCountryCode": "String",
    "billDutiesAndTaxesTo": "String",
    "dtAccountNumber": "String",
    "shZipCode": "String",
    "billShipmentTo": "String",
    "dtCountryCode": "String"
shAccountNumberString35Payment options
dtZipCodeString35Payment options
shCountryCodeString35Payment options
billDutiesAndTaxesToString35Payment options (SHIPPER, RECEIVER, THIRD_PARTY)
dtAccountNumberString35Payment options
shZipCodeString35Payment options
billShipmentToString35Payment options (SHIPPER, RECEIVER, THIRD_PARTY)
dtCountryCodeString35Payment options